Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Smurf Monkey...So long HiFi I will miss you

Monday, December 5, 2011

been awhile

been awhile....So it's about time I post something.

Christi and I did a little bit of the Black Canyon Trail on the Sunday after Thanksgiving
what a wonderful day to be on the bike. We started from Bumblebee Rd. off I-17
and road north to the Hidden Treasure Trail-head and were surprised to see a flowing spring
and pond under the shade of Cottonwood trees. so we took a brake and had little snack before heading back. on the way back I had a bit a cramping in my right Quad, man that hurt! had to walk the last hill.when we reached the last bit of single-track I got my legs back and felt back to the car just before the sun dipped behind the Bradshaw's....truly a wonderful day
(thanks for making me ride Baby)

the ride was 23 sweet miles,

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Christi and I were out last weekend camping over by the Lava Tube. We rode from camp and picked up the loop from FR794 and Fern Mt. with the tandem. We did the loop counter clockwise but missed the turn for Maces off FR151 that turn is FR9215B. ran into Tomas on Maces on the Moto Bike he let let us know we were on the right trail. but with the added miles and running low on water we decided to cut our ride short by taking the Bismarck Lake trail back to FR151 that turned out to be a good thing....we found the jumps at the bottom of Bismarck trail and we decided to do the north end as a short loop on Sunday.
So we drove up HWY180 to FR151 and parked at the start of FR418. Heres the good part on the drive out we were flagged down by a couple of Moto riders who asked for some directions, the map they had showed singletrack all the way from Maces to where we were on FR151just north of FR418 you can find that map on the Coconino Trail Riders site (right hand side "Flagstaff Loops")
Dale has a very cool map you may find it here under Maps.
we used both to do this loop.

So on Friday Pete and I did this loop, it was an awesome ride...24 miles and about 18 miles or more of singletrack. We started at at Veit Springs T/H on Snow Bowl road.this time clockwise, Somewhere about the Six mile mark I lost the singletrack but picked it back up at mile Eight at FR794 also you can add a bit more singletrack at mile 15 by crossing FR151 and picking up the AZT just north of FR418..... this is an awesome loop, but take lots of water if you go. and have fun!

GPS info (not sure if this link will work but give it a try):

Cheers Billy

A resent post on MTBR got me Inspired to ride the Arizona Trial up by the Snow Bowl.
( ) that post had lots of photos of green ferns and the white bark of the aspens in contrast....Wow! this trail looked sweet.
Just so happened the Prescott Cycling club was planning a camping trip to the lava tube up near the Snow Bowl so off we went four days and three nights of camping and riding.

Friday, June 19, 2009

A day off the bike for a hike up Granite Mt. with Christi and The Mingus Dog.